Issued Patents

Here is an incomplete list of my issued patents.

  • US11647242: Methods and systems for low latency streaming
  • US11622153: Customized 360-degree media viewing
  • US11166072: Metrics and messages to improve experience for 360-degree adaptive streaming
  • US11076187: Systems and methods for performing quality based streaming
  • US10623785: Streaming manifest quality control
  • US10298985: Systems and methods for performing quality based streaming
  • US10142387: Distributed coordination of network elements for packet encapsulation
  • US10070348: Hypertext transfer protocol support over hybrid access
  • US9935991: Pipelining get requests in adaptive streaming
  • US9866605: Streaming manifest quality control
  • US9832515: DTS/PTS backward extrapolation for stream transition events
  • US9591098: System and method to reduce stream start-up delay for adaptive streaming
  • US9426335: Preserving synchronized playout of auxiliary audio transmission
  • US9402114: System and method for providing randomization in adaptive bitrate streaming environments
  • US9386308: Quality optimization with buffer and horizon constraints in adaptive streaming
  • US9338209: Use of metadata for aiding adaptive streaming clients
  • US9312989: Importance-based FEC-aware error-repair scheduling
  • US9306994: Stabilization of adaptive streaming video clients through rate limiting
  • US9288136: Method and apparatus for in-band channel change for multicast data
  • US9215182: Enhancing performance of rapid channel changes and other playback positioning changes in adaptive streaming
  • US9049481: Fine-tuning the time for leaving/joining a multicast session during channel changes
  • US8953452: Enhancing performance of rapid channel changes and other playback positioning changes in adaptive streaming
  • US8924580: Constant-quality rate-adaptive streaming
  • US8843656: System and method for preventing overestimation of available bandwidth in adaptive bitrate streaming clients
  • US8837586: Bandwidth-friendly representation switching in adaptive streaming
  • US8819714: Ratings and quality measurements for digital broadcast viewers
  • US8812621: Reducing fetching load on cache servers in adaptive streaming
  • US8787153: Forward error correction based data recovery with path diversity
  • US8731000: Decoding earlier frames with DTS/PTS backward extrapolation
  • US8655156: Auxiliary audio transmission for preserving synchronized playout with paced-down video
  • US8655143: Supplementary buffer construction in real-time applications without increasing channel change delay
  • US8619602: Capacity/available bandwidth estimation with packet dispersion
  • US8301982: RTP-based loss recovery and quality monitoring for non-IP and raw-IP MPEG transport flows
  • US8300667: Buffer expansion and contraction over successive intervals for network devices
  • US8248942: Monitoring of real-time transport protocol (RTP) packet flow along RTP path
  • US7830908: Systems and methods of reducing delay in decoding

Ongoing (Public) Patent Applications

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